Who Dat? It Aint’ The Aints.

Sep 26, 2006 by


This Monday, the New Orleans Saints are at home and eating red beans and rice with some smoked rare bird. They burned the Atlanta Falcons to the ground tonight. 3-23. First Monday Night win in over a decade. I hear there is a new snowball stand in hell.

The Saints blocked two kicks in the first half. They were good. Really. If our levees were as strong as the Saints’ precision defense we might just stand a chance against a Cat 5. The Falcons were only at catagory 1 strength the whole game, with brief gusts. Perfect weather for a party. The Saints? Precision? It just gets stranger and stranger in this town.

Perhaps the Saints have been cleansed of their sins, perhaps the fans finally “got faith”, or maybe we just had one good day. Whatever it was, folks here are happy tonight. Enjoy your red beans and barbeque and bless those fast running men in shiny gold pants with gobs of holy hot sauce. Amen.

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