The Empire Strike Back (Again)

Oct 1, 2006 by

Ah yes, FEMA, those Federal Employees Mismanaging Again. The latest little note on their shenanigans comes from the LiveJournal New Orleans Community confirming the rumors I have heard of people getting a new round of nasty mail. For a period of about two months I have been hearing about people getting letters demanding reimbursement for the emergency funds they received from FEMA after the storm, this posting and the growing plethora of comments responding to it is the first verifiable proof of this.

New Orleans – WTF,FEMA???
Has anyone received a letter from FEMA stating that you need to return the funds that were disbursed to you? Apparently I just did.
I’m PISSED. I won’t see what it says until I get it from my mom (it was mailed to her house for some reason, even though my current address is on file with the IRS and SSA, government efficiency at its best, right?).
If anyone else has received a letter such as this, what course of action did you take? Was there a means of appeal? I mean, I have receipts for just about everything I’ve spent money on over the last year, and tattoos and booze are not among them. In fact, I’ve spent more money on rent over the last year than was alotted to me from FEMA in the first place.

Now I am actually glad that we have never gotten one red cent from the feds throughout this fiasco. Being out of work for two months, having to spend our savings and the money that was supposed to be for our honeymoon, having my job washed away, etc sucked. What would suck even more would have been if we had received funding during the emergency only to receive an unexpected bill for it while trying to rebuild our lives in Post K New Orleans.

I am beyond words here. The past year has been a parade of insults heaped upon the injury of Katrina. When are the people of this country going to demand accountability and job performance from those who supposedly are our leaders? I’m going to have to get back to this one later, it infuriates me to the point of barely being able to write.

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