open letter to a closed media

Oct 13, 2006 by

it appears the the local media (TV and TP as well as Gambit) is busy reporting stories about business as unusual in the Big Easy (crime, corruption, and frustration). Readers are growing tired of false expectations and bad promises. Readers have grown weary and bleary-eyed of the focus on the BAD NEWS of bad, bad New Orleans. Shouldn’t we try to see something positive? Wouldn’t we be more likely to get people to return? Wouldn’t we be more likely to get businesses to stay? Wouldn’t we be more likely to convince other states to help? You know… it’s the old flies and honey cha cha cha… Vigilantes and murders may sell papers, but they’re not going to help the economy. I know there is good news out there, I beg you to shout it from the top of monkey hill… we need it. We need it desperately. We need it now. No shots need to be fired. No crimes have to be committed. But, is that such a bad thing? BLOG THIS!