in the land of euphemism

Oct 18, 2006 by

the last week has been sobering in the land so big and easy… suicides, butchery, and nefarious acts of prostitution… BUT who wouldn’t want to come home… AFTERALL, the saints are winning… in fact the saints are doing so well that the pope — er, benedict the umpteenth to be exact– canonized four more. can st. archie of manning be far behind? (some of you older folks may remember the early 70’s hit by fr. jerry called “archie is a saint” – BTW jerry left the priesthood and allegedly married an ex-nun) … hmmm…..

remember i implored the media to say good things? “benedict” means “well spoken” or some mumbo gumbo like that…. let’s be pope-ish and try a few…

we’re not corrupt… we just play by our own rules.
we’re not killing each other… we’re just downsizing.
the city wasn’t flooded… we all just have waterfront property now.

who cares if the glass is half-full or half-empty? heck, i just want a f’n go-cup… and you can’t get those anywhere else in the world. BLOG THIS!

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