Allow Me To Introduce Mr. and Mrs. Loki

Nov 9, 2006 by


Lafayette, we have returned! The wedding was a smashing success and the honeymoon was nothing short of brilliant! (WARNING: This post is almost entirely of a personal nature. The expected rants shall resume forthwith.) From the impromptu rehearsal dinner at Manale’s, where we harassed Sophmom’s Middle Son, to the elegant splendor of the Magnolia Mansion it has been a long strange trip indeed.

We are at a loss for words. The number of you who made cross country treks simply to be here with us amazes me still. The finest gift we have received was the sight of so many faces from far away. We love you all. I cannot think of a finer way to begin this new chapter in our lives.

My lovely wife has just brought me dinner s I must dash. Below are a few links to peoples posts and pictures about the wedding. Enjoy!
Maitri, our personal avatar of Ganesha, has posted her tales of the wedding here. Adrastos has added his own wry commentary including an entertaining tale about our drummers that I had been unaware of here.

There are a number of photos from the wedding as well as festivities before and after located in several places around the web (so far): Nate has some on his main flickr page, adrastos has an album up here, Maitri has one here, and we have a few shots here.

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