frustrated art, thy name is new orleans

Nov 13, 2006 by

PERHAPS my manic desire to help the city has peaked or simply crashed into the wall of reality… murders, crime, elections have all proved me wrong…empty rooms and disappointments… my life has been gutted

as i spend another post performance night in a FEMA trailer, i can see why people have snapped… if i crackled and popped too perhaps it would be okay. at least i’d have the onomatopaeatic sounds of breakfast. the hope of a new day. but tonight will be a long one. everyday a little worse. the excitement of rebuilding is becoming a burden and a drain…

is the effort to entertain and motivate worth it? shall i cut bait? cut myself? PERHAPS i’ll just pull the plug(s)… the project, the shows, the laughter… it use to be therapeutic, now it just hurts too much, far too much…costs too much, far too much… i just want to stop living this, change the channel, cancel my subscription, find a new euphemism…

PERHAPS taking the show on the road wil revitalize me, “re” inspire my efforts, close my wounds. it’s amazing that i’m getting more support from people in Canada and the UK than i am here. Foreignors are offering venues free of charge. Here there’s overhead. Ironic since i no longer have a roof overhead.

hmmm….you’ve been beautiful, good night…yeah right! BLOG THIS!

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