katrina 2, nola 0

Nov 15, 2006 by

As i sit in my FEMA trailer amid tornado warnings and the meteor-logical(?) advice to flee to my gutted house, i wonder if things are getting better, worse, or just more surreal. Sure we weathered the hurricane season, but now the city has a bull’s eye on it like the proverbial trailer park in a country song. It’s as if the FEMA trailers came with an endorsement of the Nashville Cats and all the stereotypical trappings. I lost my wife. I lost my truck. I lost my my-o-my. Today the city is very humid indeed.  Stormy weather? Thunder storm? Brain storm? No brainer? The news reports how a batch of prefab FEMA modular houses were ruined by the weather. It makes me wonder if they would have been any good anyway if they can’t withstand the rain. Too bad it’s not like when we were younger. A flood meant splashing in the backed up sewerage. Kids, adults, and even circus animals rode bicycles without helmets (pardon my misplaced modifier). Monkeybars were built over concrete. Insurance companies paid claims. Politicians told the truth (yeah right, and George Washington really cut down the cherry tree). “Rain rain go away” seemed to give us young tykes power over the element as we play clad with yellow slickers and rubber boots. If there was a real threat of meteorological nature, Nash Roberts would save us… Heck we didn’t fear rain, snow, sleet, or flood… we had Nash and we had reliable postal delivery (soemtimes twice a day)… no fear indeed… not even of meteors…right? Oh the times have changed… the mail is undependable, the weather has become the “whether.” Toxins and poo monsters have ruined our puddle spashing. Black mold and broken levees have ruined lives and rosey glassed boone’s farm enduced oh-so-fond memories of Led Zeppelin 8 tracks. The glorious patter of rain on a tin roof has given way to shakey FEMA trailers… the weather is no longer a chance for Willard Scott to give a centegenarian birthday wish sponsored by Smuckers. TORNADOS that once brought us to Dorothy and munchkins now bring us to the wrong OZ… cable television my arse… TORNADOS that may cause us to make another insurance claim. TORNADOS that don’t resemble that “cleaning power” of a WHITE TORNADO or a Justice League HUMAN TORNADO. Meanwhile Japan prepares for a Tsunami after a Pacific earthquake. Indeed the deja voodoo is busy working it’s effects on good old mother nature… score at half time: katrina 2, nola 0. BLOG THIS!

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