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This was sent to me by Alex, the drummer from Pitts Vs. Preps and Catch Velvet. If you have ever had paking violations in New Orleans you should probably read this. Take it away, Alex:

Many of us get parking tickets and neglect to pay them in a timely fashion.  Failure to pay these tickets results in costly late penalties.  Your vehicle can also be booted and towed if you have enough unpaid tickets ~ 3 last time I checked.  In order to encourage those who have not paid their parking tickets, the City of New Orleans will allow you to pay your past parking tickets without ANY penalties. This is quite different than the ‘amnesty’ they allowed a few years back which I think limited to penalty to the first doubling.  This offer last until until November 30th.  If you go to this site and click on the pay parking tickets icon you can get rid of your tickets without having to pay the late fees.  You can search for any/all tickets by ticket number (who keeps those…?) OR by license plate number (remember to put the two-letter state designation beFORE your lic. plate number).

C’mon, this is New Orleans.  Any who have parked in Orleans Parish proppa potentially has a ticket (or five!!!) on their ‘account’ for which they never received notice, i.e., that classy and distinguishable erange envelope.  There’s always the possibility that someone removed it for you OR someone else grabbed it off or your car and threw it on the ground… never to be seen again until… NOW: This (just in case you forgot it).

I had FIVE tickets, 2 of which I was technically unaware of… one dating back to 1998.  Paying $95.00 rather than $400+ helps out (of) a (city) LOT!!!  Have YOU ever had to get your car out of the impound lot under N. Claiborne?  I haven’t and I have absolutely NO intention to ever do so. Remember this also: a clerk at the traffic division said 3 outstanding tickets is justification for booting or towing your vehicle.

Utilizing this amnesty also comes in handy in the event you bought a new car and kept your old(er) license plate, e.g., personalized, LSU, etc. Tickets follow the plate in New Orleans; NOT the vehicle.  I understand this window of opportunity is open only until November 30th – that’s 2 weeks y’all.  Don’t wait, credit card it if ya hafta.  What’s a few bucks APR charges compared to their doubling, quadrupling and (the maximum) octoupling [sic] your original fine(s)?  PLUS, you’re ‘helping’ out ‘our’ City by providing the much needed revenue to allow us to continually pump water through broken pipes and not fix much needed gas lines in and around the ‘infected’ areas.

Hope this info helps, though in a way I also hope none of you need it.

Happy HolyDays!!!

Fore more info: – has link to pay tickets – gives the deadline


Alex Ducro

PS  This applies to ALL of you NOLA-ex-pats as well… if you ever think you might drive your ride back home.

PSS I hope fuh Gawd’s sake you ALL come see Catch Velvet featuring original vocalist, Mike Hayden Queyrouze:
Catch Velvet [original lineup – one night only)
w/ Emilia [YES, that Emilia…]
@ Republic New Orleans [the now old Howlin’ Wolf]
Doors 8:30 / Show 9pm
For more info, see below OR visit:

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