Danger Will Robinson!

Nov 19, 2006 by

Ever notice that everything has a warning label on it? The mop bucket with the graphic on the side saying “don’t drown the baby in the mop water,” is a commonplace example. Well it continues, ad absurdum, on into the blast zone of NewOrleans. Tim brings us this wonderful catalogue of idiocy from within the walls of his FEMA trailer. Check out the original post, it is rife with visual aids…

~ Tim’s ~ Nameless ~ Blog ~ Post-K life in New Orleans
I’m not the first person to notice that everything nowadays comes with copious and often stupidly obvious warning labels. Like electric hair dryers that are marked, “Do not use while bathing,” and lawn mowers that warn, “Do not place hands under mower while blade is moving.”

The labeling boom is the result of two powerful forces on the consumer market: government regulations and consumer litigation. Big Brother and Big Lawyer never seem to be satisfied.

And so it should not be a surprise that our FEMA travel trailer is virtually decorated with warning stickers. This white box we call home is the perfect convergence of manufacturers’ CYA strategy and government’s “We’ll protect you” maternalism.

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