Happy Turkeycaust

Nov 23, 2006 by

While many lie prone and wrapped in the cottony tentacles of a tryptophan coma I would like to take a moment and comment on the Thanks Du Jour.

I am thankful for some of the encroachments the surrounding ecosytem has made upon the city. I personally love seeing redtail hawks nesting in the city for instance.

I am thankful for my lovely new wife, a woman who knows how to roll her eyes and depart when I begin to foam at the mouth and rant.

I am thankful to be one of a wide array of voices raised from our city while our suposed leaders are so silent and bumbling (much like Buster Keaton witout the talent). See the nolablog links in my sidebar for more….

I am thankful to be one of the rare ones who lost little to Katrina (other than my city and my sanity).

I am thankful that the American People finally voted like they were fed up. It was great to come home from our honeymoon and hear the phrase “…the House AND the Senate!”

I am thankful for my rotten little quadrupeds, without whom we would have really gone nuts over the past 16 months.

Happy Turkeycaust everyone!

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