Run For The Border

Nov 28, 2006 by

Well, by this time tomorrow evening we will be setting down in San Juan, our first trip out of the country together. The morning after its off to Dominica, a near complete opposite of New Orleans: ecologically pure, primarily organic, and not buried in neglected rubble. Dominica is home to Morne Trois Pitons National Park, UNESCO’s only designated World Heritage Site in this region of the Caribbean and is a prime eco-tourism destination. If you’ve seen Pirates of the Caribbean 2 you have seen the island.


We will be out of touch until the 7th when we return to the US, so you will have to hope PH Fred goes easy on you! Many thanks to my father in law, this trip is his wedding present to us!

In the meantime everybody keep a candle lit for that shining star of vitriolic insight and justified rage, Geg Peters of Suspect Device. Some of you may be unaware, but he is undergoing heart surgery up in Cleveland right now. The one thing about our trip that sucks is that we will probably note be able to get word if he makes it until after we return to the states. (Any NOLABloggers with my cell number who get word before 3pm Wed call and let me know, after that I have to turn it off and won’t have access again until I return)

Upon my return the usual yearly array of sick holiday humor and Crescent City Commentary for the middle segmet of that 4 month long holiday monster known as Thanksmasgras. Be ye warned……

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