the revolution will not be blogged

Nov 30, 2006 by

is there a revolution in our midst? i doubt it…
should there be? but of course…

it seems that we as a citizenry, as a nation, as individuals have become complacent. we’re not cut from the same fabric as our forefathers. no boston tea parties for us, hell, we have starbucks (personally, i prefer ishmael) we have no MLK’s or JFK’s, just KFC’s and BMW’s…initial this! would our founders or past leaders have put up with this bureaucratic red taping and pecuniary foot dragging? Hmmm? NOT! so why do we? Is it our short attention span? is it our firm grasp of denial? is it hope for a hollywood ending or just our laziness?

i remember the talk the talk and the walk the walk of the vietnam era. i remember political rallies and secret service men as the republican party nominated george sr. at the superdome in 88. there was a still some talk though slurred, there was still some walk though limping. but i no longer see it. we chat the chat, we blog the blog. perhaps? but can we force the cyber into a concrete reality: sim city? sin city? our city?

yesterday a survey pointed out that the many new orleanians plan to leave the city within the next two years. but where to go? does the location change the frustration? does the new zipcode suddenly fix the broken nation? does the big picture get smaller? or for that matter, does the big picture even matter any more? do we cut bait and leave? or as frank zappa asked,” does the torture ever stop?”

for those of you planning, packing, and leaving, i can relate to your dilemma as i bang my bloodied head and live out my own dented doubts daily. but… let’s stay. let’s fight. let’s force a change.

don’t run, phidippides, because you just die at the end of the marathon. stay, talk, walk.


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