Santa and Bivalves

Dec 24, 2006 by

While the Grinch may have the Presidency and his dog, Max, may be our mayor there is still cause for good cheer this Xmas. NORAd continues its tradition of tracking Santa’s sleigh tonight (now thats a military program I can get behind!).

Then there is irrefutable scientific proof of Santa as presented in “On The Technical Explanation For Santa Claus’s Ability To Deliver Presents Worldwide In A Single Night” byLarry Silverberg, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at North Carolina State University.

Another Loki Carol will be up later tonight, I have just returned from Oyster’s where the Saints Game Frenzy(tm) in in full swing, and need to get some things done. I should have expected the outside oyster bar, but I didn’t. Ah those wacky bivalves…

When I left Ashley Morris was cursing the giants as best possible in a house full of kids.No surprises there.

EDIT: I have created a page to consolidate all of the Xmas Carols for your reading nausea.

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