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From the Livejournal New Orleans Community:

Calling anyone who witnessed the flooding near Oak and Carrollton on Decmeber 21, 2006. Can you please send me an email attesting to having seen un-drivable conditions in that area around 8:30am?
If you have pictures of that area that would be even more fantastic!
Specifically, if you witnessed:
–A truck stuck in the water in the middle of the street near Capital One, abandoned due to water level.
–Car lined up on the Neutral Ground in that area.
–Untravelable water levels on Carrollton and St. Charles.
–Cars stuck in water anywhere in that area.
–Water levels on Oak (going into businesses).
–Water levels on sidestreets.

It doesn’t have to be detailed, just: “On 12/21/06, I witnessed ___________,” or “I was unable to travel to work from ___________ area myself because of __________.” I know other people couldn’t get to work from that area, I just need proof.

If you feel comfortable signing with contact info, that’d be great. If you are a business owner in that area that would be WONDERFUL.

Much appreciated. THANKS!

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