patience or patients

Jan 5, 2007 by

today i went on a retreat… a day of reflection… hard to imagine , eh?
yet on the drive there the gunshots of my city rang in my ears… i was awakened from my zombie phase (been a while since i posted or wanted to or could). it’s been 6 weeks of trying to get to see a doctor re. my alleged PTSD (btw my doc had to go to court yesterday so i’ve been rescheduled til feb 7th…hope i make it…WELL it is nice to know that doctors are going to court, just not the convicted felons who seem to be out committing most of these crimes)

back to the retreat… the theme, benedictine patience. as i left hours later and turned my radio back on and another gunshot rang… it hit me… not a bullet… an epiphony…. “new orleans: patience… have it or be one”… unfortunately i’m leaning more and more to the latter… now BLOG THIS!

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