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Metroblogging New Orleans: Pondering and proximity
I love my city. I no longer have small children I feel I need to protect. Even if I entertain thoughts of leaving, where would I go? I could sell the house and (using an honest assessment and not some pie-in-the-sky numbers) do a little better than breaking even, but then what? What’s the freaking answer here? If you’ve read any of my stuff before (including the last entry), then you know I’m a big supporter of block-by-block neighborhood action and unity. But what do you do when the bad guys start blowing out windshields across the street? These are seriously bad dudes who really, really, REALLY don’t care if they die or go to prison. Pragmatism says to load the artillery, wait outside until they do something again and then just kill them. But you know how this works — then one of their homeboys will decide to get even and, before long, it’s me or TBK or my son who gets blown away while going out to our car to get something. It’s our own mini-me version of what’s been going on in the MIddle East for thousands of years and what’s been going on in Central City for several decades. Vigilantism is its own tragic trap.

This is happening in AMERICA, for god’s sake! No wonder everyone I know is on anti-depressants or self medicating! We truly are the lost and forgotten. And to think that my father spent two years in a prison camp to defend this country …

EDIT: Just got an email that makes me aware clarification of my meaning is needed here. I am not saying the rest of the country should do something about the crime here, that is purely due to local incompetence and culpability. What I am trying to state is that it is bitter to think that these conditions exist in the nation that is the self-proclaimed leader of the free world. These circumstances are the result of decades of missteps by the local government and community combined with the chaos and lack of infrastructure created by the Federal Flood. We have created a generation without remorse and given them a Mad Max style wasteland to live out their Lord of the Flies fantasies in.

If any further clarification is needed, leave a comment.

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