Humid City Expansion

Jan 10, 2007 by

This new year marks a number of changes for Humid City, starting with the addition of our new Marigny Correspondent Lord David. A strong and eloquent voice within the community, David has been using his extensive email list to bring news and opinion to the people of NOLA. In the wake of his most recent guest post here he has decided to join the team as a regular contributor. His take no prisoners attitude will be a valued addition to our efforts in the fight for our city. Look for his posts in the near future!

We will also be adding new static pages to act as a repository for useful info/links, suggestions on what you would like to see are always welcome!

In addition there is a potential revamp of the site coming up, mainly to put an end to the issues reported to me by people browsing it using Internet Explorer. If you are experiencing any oddball formatting issues or display problems wth the site please notify me directly via email.

Monday morning I will be a guest on BBC radio once again, this time to address the insanity of our current crime. I will post details and links as soon as I have them.

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