There Is No Joy In Mudville

Jan 10, 2007 by

This is why we march: Silence IS Violence, it is the tacit acceptance of the unacceptable. It is the aknowledgement that we, as a community are beaten. Silence and inaction are not an option, do you hear me Ray? While lackwit Reilly tells us that the crime has gotten better people are shot down in cold blood, and in their own homes no less.If I believed in silence I would not write, I would not blog, I would not run my mouth in the face of injustice. Silence IS Violence.

Tomorrow we will join as a community and march on City Hall. 11 am at the foot of Canal St. is where it all begins, although various neighborhood groups will be doing their own marches t this meeting point.
Be there for the sake of the recently dead. Be there for Dinerral Shavers of the Hot 8 Brass Band, Jealina Brown, Steve Blair, Corey Hayes, Eddy Saint Fleur, Don Morgan, Helen Hill, Larry Glover, and Monier Gindy. Be there before it is your name or your wife’s or maybe even your child’s on a list like this.

Two of our number, the NOLABloggers that is, will be speaking once we reach City Hall: the voices of B.Rox, and Squandered Heritage will be raised along with others. Join us, be part of the solution, take our city back!

There is no joy in Mudville, Warren Riley has struck out!


Uptown New Orleans