Water Baby

Jan 17, 2007 by

As the topics of discussion spiral ever downwards into the realm of the bleak, it is good to remember the hardiness and improbability of New Orleans life. It is those qualities which will alow us to survive even these strange times. In that spirit I would like to reprint this small blurb from ITV News

New Orleans waterbaby is born
Fertilised eggs kept in the deep freeze could have thawed
New Orleans waterbaby is born
2.59, Tue Jan 16 2007

A woman has given birth to a child thanks to policemen who rescued embryos in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.As floods took control of New Orleans, Lakeland Hospital lost electricity and the fertilised eggs kept in the deep freeze could have thawed.

But flat-bottomed boats were used to rescue more than 1,400 embryos, and Rebekah Markham was implanted with one nine months ago.

Rebekah and her husband Glen planned to name the child Katrina if it was a girl.

But they found another appropriate name for a boy and named him Noah.

Now that’s 21st Century New Orleans!

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