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The discussion generated by my Jail the Bloggers article has unearthed a number of interesting perspectives and opinions. I think the most telling are the following:

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Crystal :
With this I am thinking of, for example, the Oil Company lobbyists who paid the CEI company to put out pro-global-warming propaghanda commercials to be played on certain tv stations, and the 8 million dollars Exxon mobil has paid to people then went out and masqueraded as scientists to convince people there was doubt about the effects of too much carbon in the atmosphere. This could now be prosecutable if the origins of the attempt are not disclosed.

In fact, I suspect myself that the website, could have been just such a set up. Lobbyists created that website as a front to misrepresent this bill and get people angry and signing petitions to take it out. They are the ones who stand to lose the most from such an amendment.

Doesn’t that scare you that no matter how good your intentions, you could be duped so easily, if that were the case?

Yes, yes it does. Very astute observations which tab nicely with this little gem of data…

Jim : is run by Richard A. Viguerie, he owns American Target Advertising. American Target is a direct mail advertising company with a special focus on conservative candidates.

Richard has written several books on how to use the alternative media to influence politics. Wiki Richard Viguerie ( Read the wiki, you will find it very interesting -Loki)  I’d be willing to bet that Richard would have to do more reporting then he wants if this legislation passes.

This would seem, along with Nathan Morrison’s constitutional dissection of the situation, to be cause for a sigh of relief. The thing that prevents me from doing so is the one voiced here:

Yes, but what about a group of 100+ New Orleans-esque bloggers who actively campaign for any given change through their writing, along with some funding from a non-profit or grassroots organization?

What the unprecedented alliance of New Orleans based bloggers has done so far is impressive and unique. This bears continued watching as I am sure someone down the line might try to squelch our collective voice. Hmmm……

There are three lines of conversation on this, all with very good input from a variety of sources, ranging from constitutional analysis to pure invective.  To see all of the discussion across platforms visit the following links:

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Comments on the original posting (Humid City/ Powers and Morrison)

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