america’s team? if this were still america…

Jan 20, 2007 by

so the saints are in the NFC championship game… but does that fix anything? maybe delays a murder? or makes us forget about the mess for a few hours? football the new opiate of the people? call me crazy but i think the grand distraction is just a distraction, none too grand…

maybe if the FEMA trailer were bigger… maybe if the gov’t had not lost my mom’s body for six weeks… maybe if the insurance companies, police dept, criminal justice system, and other institutions we relied on were more reliable… maybe if i felt like this post katrina new orleans was part of america…. then perhaps then i could get caught up in the hoopla of america’s team…. but would this happen in america? maybe hell has frozen over… check the weather channel and then BLOG THIS!

p.h. fred

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