Saints on High

Jan 22, 2007 by

The score is 14/16 with the Saints just having scored a touchdown. The really interesting part is the vacant streets outside.

I just got back from walking to the store for cigarettes. It reminded me so much of those first weeks back after our exile. In the course of walking six blocks on a fairly major street (Prytania)  I saw only one car. When I entered the store there was only one other customer and the staff were howling as the Bears scored on the TV set up on ther counter.. Everywhere the exterior face of the city is deserted. I’m willing to bet that no crime will occur during this window either.

With the exception of that period when there were so few of us in the aftermath of the Katrina/Levee Failure/Rita apocalypse this is the emptiest I have ever seen the city streets…

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