Knock, Knock! Who is there? The Feds

Jan 26, 2007 by Times-Picayune Updates
FBI agents will hit the streets with NOPD patrols, knocking on doors in order to build relationships with residents, he added, determined to end the days when citizens distrust police to the point where they neither want to cooperate with investigations or testify at trials.

Am I the only one a bit unnerved by the idea of Feds knocking on my door? With NOPD in tow? Even for someone with nothing to hide that is a bit on the disturbing side. There are definetly leanings towards a police state mentality here. One could speculate about violence being allowed to get out of hand in order to facillitate federalizing the city, but that would be absurd.

Makes you think. Better be good out there.

Oh yeah, the chocolate ration has been increased.

EDIT: This post and the prior one were read in their entirety on the nationally syndicated Jack Blood’s Deadline Live tonight. Thanks Jack!

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