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NEW ORLEANS – Residents whose homes were flooded during Hurricane Katrina can sue the Army Corps of Engineers over claims the agency ignored warnings about defects in a nearby navigation channel, a federal judge ruled Friday.

The ruling, one of the first significant decisions in a set of cases over what caused the flooding, may force the Corps to hand over documents about the management of the channel. (via yahoo news)

I had given up hope for this! The unassailable position of immunity that the Corps(e) has held is finally getting some scrutiny and action!

The Corps and federal government had argued they were immune to legal challenges because decisions about the waterway were based in policy.

But U.S. District Judge Stanwood Duval said there is no way to know that at this point, and said plaintiffs should get a hearing for their allegations.

Is that the tiniest flickr of hope I feel begining to ignite? Stanwood Duval is my new hero, one I’m sure will enter our peculiar local pantheon. Now the question is, will the suit have a chance?

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