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Feb 2, 2007 by

A very interesting new site (new to me anyway). In their own words:

Welcome to Signal26, where a New Orleans policeman can speak the truth freely without fear of retribution. Are you a New Orleans citizen? Read about how your police department is really run by the mayor’s office and command staff. See what everyday police must overcome just
to keep you safe.

Evidently written by an officer. Give it a read through and don’t miss the comments. It seems the public are not the only ones to be fed up with the antics of the Nagin/Reilly circus act.

Hat Tip to Slate

EDIT: This Signal26 posting talks about what the site is all about in response to a piece Garland Robinette did on WWL Radio. Personally I really like the idea of an unfiltered voice from the rank and file of our law enforcement. The view of NOPD as either all good or all bad is not in tune with reality. I’m a native, I have my share of both good cop and bad cop stories. I will be aproaching 103-M, the blogger for a virtual interview in the near future, keep your eyes peeled.

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