And So It Begins

Feb 3, 2007 by

Tonight we get to have a swig of hemlock with the Krewe du Vieux, one of my all time favorite parts of Carnival Season. An old school Krewe they do not stint with the viscious satire, not one single bit.

My wife and I will be attending both the parade and the following ball this evening, and its a sign of how much we love this parade that we are. Weather in the forty degree range may not seem like much to people elsewhere in the US, but for thse of us used to the subtropical climes it is fierce and bitter cold. KdV is worth coping wth the weather.

Individual Krewe Sites

Krewe of Underwear:
Krewe Rue Bourbon:
Krewe of LEWD:
Krewe of Drips and Discharges:
Krewe de CRAPS:
Krewe of CRUDE:
Krewe de Mishigas:
Laissez Les Bon Temps Ole:

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