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Feb 13, 2007 by

Family matters are keeping me out of the loop right now, but that des not mean you get to escape without a few quick items.

Late last night tornados swept through the Carrollton area. We are still awaiting news on the extent f the destruction, although we seem to have accounted fr many of the local bloggers in its path.

Secondly a note about the Stafford Act:

Much of federal disaster aid is handed out according to the Stafford Act, which calls for states to ante up a quarter for every 75 cents provided by the federal government. That way, locals still contribute what the law deems a fair share of each rebuilding dollar. When the damage exceeds $110 for each person in the affected state, the split increases to 90 percent for the federal government with a 10 percent local match.

Since 1985, the local matching requirement has been waived entirely for 32 separate disasters. It was waived for the State of Florida after Hurricane Andrew, when damage was $139 for each Floridian. It was waived again for New York after the Sept. 11, 2001, attack, which cost $390 per New Yorker.

Not unreasonable, eh? Well the NY Times goes on to add this little numeric detail which should put it into perspective:

Yet somehow the Bush administration has not found it necessary to
forgive the local match for Gulf Coast states after the double-whammy
of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, except for costs associated with debris
removal and some emergency services — despite the fact that the
two storms wreaked roughly $6,700 worth of damage per capita in

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