Bring Your Own Beer

Feb 16, 2007 by

Al Copeland’s restaraunt on St Charles and Napoleon is getting its private reviewing stands up. There were many people running around this morning in and out f the building.

Bring your own beer

On the right side of this picture is Copeland’s, a rat infested dump that has had next to nothing done to it (despite repeated complaints from neighbors) since the storm. The purple, green and gold on the left side is the reviewing stand set up for him, his cronys, and if I am not mistaken those who purchase seats. There is a high probability

Down the Avenue sits the likewise ignored remains of his Cheesecake Bistro, another eyesore and more evidence of his desertion of Orleans Parish in the wake of the Storm. So my question is: Why do we allow him preferential treatment in the form of ringside seats to the greatest spectacle of modern America?

I am obviously not the only neighbor who feels this way, as shown by the signs posted (and immediately removed) on his building when the stand started going up. (Click thumbnail for larger, readable images)

Copelands Signs NOLA helped Al Now it's Al's turn Shame on you Al Copland

If the expected drinks concession opens I encourage others to follow my example. Bring your own beer, Big Al has lost the right to our money.

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