Krewe D’Etat Stakes a Claim

Feb 16, 2007 by


Originally uploaded by Humid City.

Marking their territory! This morning, all along the parade route I was greeted by the leering pronouncements of the Krewe D’Etat and its Dictator. I cannot think of more appropriate images that the notorius satire that greeted me from everylightpole on Napoleon.

I’m old school, my favorites are the parades that still hold to the sociopolitical parody of their forebears. This is even more important in a climate where there is so much that only gets media play when couched in humor. The Daily Show is the inheritor of a fine tradition of pointing and laughing when the Emperor has no clothes, but is by no means its orignator. Sometimes you have to laugh to keep the tears at bay. This is why we NEED carnival.

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