Feb 17, 2007 by

The Krewe of Endymion, is a wonderful looking parade. Much like Jesus it is its followers who raise my ire. From about 8am on I have watched the public land of the neutral ground sprout suburban land barons like corn in Indiana. Now Carnival season is for everyone, I do not deny them that, but creating an impassable wall of roped off campgrounds and edge to edge ladders is far from endearing.

Unlike the usual crowd that gathers along the route there is a distinct and profound lack of manners. The phrase, “fuck you man, I’m from Kennah!” is one I have heard no less than three times today, all from people staking out their own little feifdoms on the neutral ground.

This is their Mardi Gras, and they should be having it on their traditional route.
For one thing few people realize that Carnival is celebrated in many different ways depending on what neghborhood you are in. Granted I tend to dislike most of the Endymion crowd I have dealt with on the three years they have been rerouted to St Charles (steps away from the keyboard)

Sorry, a case in point just resented itself. Just had to go rail at some punk for urinating on my windowsill. Third one in the last hour. I live 30 feet off the route, every parade goes right by and their crowds inundate the street outside my door. Endymion is the only one where people are pissing in my yard and on my door. The. Only. Time.

Anyway, as I was saying, another very important reason it needs to be on its home route is morale. This is Mid City’s Mardi Gras, and with all the foot draggin from our leaders they are in a bad way. They, like everyone in New Orleans, deserve the cathartic experience of celebrating Carnival their way in their neighborhood.

Failing that I hugely recommend learning some bloody manners!

EDIT 9PM: The Final Count on morns mistaking my building for a unrinal that I have caught is eleven!  That is eleven addresses I want so that I can return the favor. Talk about self proving theorems!