Lawsuit: Corps of Engineers

Feb 26, 2007 by

As attempts continue to derail the lawsuits against the Corps I think the following info is extremely important. Please pass this along to anyone and everyone you know in the New Orleans area.

Please let everyone know that the previous forms that were filled out in reference to the Corp of Engineers lawsuit are invalid. The new forms which are (2) pages can be obtained and printed from the website. and These forms must be mailed in by Wednesday, February 28, 2007.

You can also download a copy of Form 95 & necessary instructions at www.leveelaw. com

If anyone is interested in signing on to the class action against the Corps, Murphy Law Firm has people in town today to do the paperwork. The deadline for filing was moved up yesterday, and the new deadline is Wednesday. If you want to find out more, call Nicole at 225 773 4206. All of the law firms involved, and there are many, are scrambling to comply with this latest effort of the corps to derail the suit.

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