Hail To The Chief

Feb 27, 2007 by

Grass roots activists are going to meet 7pm Wednesday at the PHRF Headquarter (1418 N. Claiborne) to orchestrate a “people’s rebuke” when President Bush visits New Orleans on Thursday. Surely, no president in the history of the U.S. is more deserving of a Bronx cheer from the people of this area than the current commander and thief.  To let Bush visit New Orleans yet again without so much as a peep of organized opposition from the local progressive community would constitute yet another slap in the face of  Katrina

Help build the message from below that Bush needs to hear when he visits New Orleans on Thursday: GO TO HELL!

The time and place of  the protest action regarding Bush’s visit will be determined at the Wednesday meeting. The meeting is free and open to all.  Sponsors of  the meeting include the United Front For Affordable Housing, Survivors Village and C3/Hands Off Iberville.  For additional information call (504) 587-0080.  Please forward this message ASAP.

[Via Mike Howell of C3]

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  1. I think a better message would be “Show Me The Money!”.

  2. Commander and thief .. I like that

  3. The citizens of New Orleans have to share in the blame as they, the citizens, did indeed elect the same corrupt and incompetent leaders over and over again.

    Furthermore, how many federal dollars were spent on public housing and the public schools in New Orleans that were run by New Orleaneans? Billions.

    On one hand, because they are local, the citizen say they know how best to spend the money, yet when something bad happens, they blame someone else for the mess.

    One can blame the Army Corp of Engineers, but many of these same employees of the Army Corp of Engineers are, by the way, live in Louisiana and New Orleans and just so happens to be the citizens.

    The New Orleans Tourist and Convention Bureau and New Orleans citizens had a big hand in keeping the the I-10 railroad crossing that still flooded even after that pump station was installed just so visitors can see the Cemeteries from the highway. And because the pump station had no power, it flooded, thus blocking the main way into the city via the I-10 as has happened many times during hard rains and floods. And thus, causing numerous delays in getting food and water to those who remained in New Orleans. REMEMBER that??? And now whose fault was that?

    And where can we start about coastal erosion? Hmm, fisherman, shrimpers, oyster farmers, oil companies, that by the way, have their offices on Poydras street, and by the way, live and work in New Orleans, BUT for some reason can’t agree on what to do or make sacrifices on fixing the coastal erosion problem.

    Stop blaming someone else and look at how corrupt Louisiana and New Orleans citizens, i.e. the problem starts by looking in the mirror.

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