Rebuke Bush 2pm

Mar 1, 2007 by

(Near Freret and Napoleon)

New Orleans Needs Federal Aid, Not Presidential Photo-Ops.
Mr. President: Katrina Survivors Do Not Welcome You, We Rebuke You!

We live in a devastated city and you are a big part of the reason why it sill sits in ruins. Your administration has abandoned our children by savaging their public schools. Your administration has tortured our working class people by refusing to reopen the city’s public housing developments. And your administration is fully complicit in placing our uninsured in harms way by ruthlessly pursuing the privatization of local public healthcare in the aftermath of Katrina. And finally, your administration is guilty of sending our sons and daughters off to war for oil and empire just when we need them most to help us rebuild our community.

Mr. President, we, Katrina Survivors all, do not welcome you to our city, we rebuke you!

Sponsored by Survivors Village, United Front For Affordable Housing.
(504) 587-0080

EDIT: From the comments- I’ve heard that the area around the school is blocked off so people are meeting at LaSalle and Napolean at 2:00, expecting Shrub around 3:00.

hat tip to Brian

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  1. New Orleans needs to stop looking for free handouts and stop blaming the federal government for all it’s problems. Look to your local government. Other states like Mississippi are much farther along because they didn’t wait for federal aid – they simply went to work rebuilding their communities. New Orleans needs to stop whining and do the same.

  2. Way to go Loki!!!! You got linked by Memeorandom!! It’s in the new item finder right now.

  3. I’d go. But then, W doesn’t even care what his own generals think so why would he give a damn what I think?

  4. Jim: Missisippi did not suffer damage for the same reason. In the case of New Orleans it was the failure f the FEDERALLY BUILT levees that inundated our city with floodwaters. In MS’s case it was actually Katrina. In no way do we exonerate the local incompetence, but that does not mean that the culpability of the Feds will be ignored.

    To everyone else, thank you for spreading the word! It is long past time we begin reminding the political elite that they are our employees!

  5. More comments in the LJ New Orleans crosspost here:

  6. ” FEDERALLY BUILT levees ”

    Yes and you’ve known for years those levees were not capable of handling a cat 5 hurricane, yet you did nothing about it. Scientists have issued hundreds of reports on the levee system saying it couldn’t fend off the wrath of a 100 year storm. Why has nothing been done about this over the years? Is it Bush’s fault? No. If Kerry was elected? No. It’s fault of the politicians who have ignored the problem over the years, and the people who elected them and failed to demand something be done. If your looking for someone to blame and your a resident of the state, take a good look in the mirror.

  7. Floriduh

    uhhhh Jim…one question….who funds and directs the Army’s Corp of Engineers?

    Not a Louisiana Parish, not the State of Louisiana…but the Federal Gov’mint…you know…Uncle George and Bigtime Dick Cheney….

  8. Jim, check your facts. The storm was Cat 5 on the MS coast. The winds that hit NOLA were clocked at Cat 2. I never said that corruption here was not an issue, only a fool would, but there is a baseline culpability at the federal level which cannot be ignored. If you do a little googling it s not hard to find the Army Corps of Engineers statements where they admitted that the blame was theirs.

    Personally I believe that all in positions of authority who made questionable decisons about the levees over the years should be brought to task.

  9. I’ve heard that the area around the school is blocked off so people are meeting at laSalle and Napolean at 2:00, expecting Shrub around 3:00.

  10. TW


    I suppose when Destin gets blown away you won’t be whining about your house, etc., will you? No, because you won’t expect anything from the government. You made a personal choice to live there, and you’ll just pick up the pieces and move on. You’ve got your nice nest egg from the dot-com boom – no one ever gave you anything, you earned it all. And needn’t I say, you’re a tough guy. True-blue, self-made. On behalf of the American people, I thank you in advance for not expecting a handout.

    In contrast, I do not live on a beach – I live in a beautiful, historic city founded in 1718, that was surrounded by levees that were supposed to provide protection from a Category 3 storm. They failed under Category 2 winds.

    BTW, who is supposed to build Category Five Stength levees? The local government? Are you serious? Doesn’t the Federal Government bear the brunt of the responsibility here? Or is all the Federal Government supposed to do is provide a military, or some such libertarian bullshit your type always seems to spout, until the shit hits the fan and your own house is gone? What happens when L.A. is destroyed by an earthquake? You don’t think that’s going to be expensive? It will make New Orleans look penny-ante. I suppose we should all just shrug it off and say, well, they’ll make it on their own.

    You self-important narrow-minded pinhead.

    I had 5.5 feet of water in my house because of shoddily built levees. And yes, I will continue to bitch and moan, because it didn’t have to happen. My house didn’t flood during Betsy, or any other storm. It was 3 feet above the ground. It was a beautiful place.

    And yes, I had insurance, both flood and homeowner’s, and no, I’m still not back in my house yet. And thanks for your support, you fucking prick.

    P.S. Maybe you should look into how many houses were damaged in MS, versus how many were in metro N.O. You might (maybe, perhaps) learn something).

    P.S. If I didn’t have other obligations, I’d be there protesting the worst president in the history of this great nation. Just how bad does he has to suck for you to pull your head out of your ass?

  11. Yeah, the levees were the fault of Bush and the Feds.

  12. TW

    St Wendeler,

    Man, you Bushies are thick. The Levee Boards do bear some of the responsibility, and they have been reformed now, through a grass-roots coalition. But the ultimate responsibility for the levee failure is on the Federal Government, who consistently underfunded the flood control projects – and the Army Corps of Engineers, whose imcompetence is staggering. In terms of government spending, all you conservative morons care about is spending money killing little brown people in foreign countries that most of you didn’t know existed until Cheney told you they were a threat. This nation’s infrastructure is in serious trouble because of the legacy of Reagan and his notion that government can’t do anything right. While Bush is trying his best to prove that latter proposition, the bottom line is that the “free” market won’t take care of us. Oh it’ll take care of one-tenth of one percent of us – they’ll do just great – but if you think that makes for a stable society, you’re going to have a very rude awakening.

    Not to mention it was the “free” market for petroleum that destroyed most of the wetlands that protected New Orleans from hurricanes.

    Jesus, you people are heartless drones. You’ve moved on, why shouldn’t we?

  13. Wendel, Are you trying to state that the Feds are in no way responsible for the levees and that they were completely under the jurisdiction of the levee boards? Because if that link is something you think you can post and it will sum up your argument then your argument couldn’t have had much merit in the first place. Come heavy with what you are saying or don’t come at all. don’t let links from sources like MSNBC (bastion of research and journalism) do your talking.

    Besides, if you want to put all the blame on New Orlenians and none on the Feds, why the hell did both the Army Corps of Engineers and Bush take responsibility for botching the job?

    The people for whom you are trying to make a case have already admitted they were wrong on record. So how is it that you feel as though they need to be defended. The bridge of blame has been crossed.

    And Jim, while you were making your dot-com money, I was living on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Names like Elena, Erin and Opal may not mean much to you but rest assured you will find yourself in a situation much like many people In New Orleans are in. You could be confident you are reasonably insured but nothing will prepare you for what you will experience when Destin’s time comes around. All the insurance money in the world won’t erase that destruction from your mind, and maybe then you will have an understanding of what people who have endured a disater are going through. I know you don’t already because someone who has wouldn’t have the grapefruits to go around blaming the victims.

  14. Is this the same federal government that didn’t anticipate the breach of the levees?

    In the 2004 budget, the Army Corps of Engineers requested $11 million for a hurricane protection project in the New Orleans area. It was allotted just half that amount, $5.5 million. In the 2005 budget, the Corps requested $22.5 million, and received one quarter of its request, $5.7 million. In the 2006 budget, the Bush administration proposed an appropriation of just $2.9 million.

    We’re talking about intra-federal-government agencies that couldn’t get the money they wanted for valid American projects, not even state and local responsibility yet.  There’s a lot of blame to go around at the state and local levels, but as other commenters before me have said, wait until the feds give you the letdown.

    If it isn’t the federal government’s responsibility and we look for handouts from them, that’s one thing. But American taxpayers asking for accountability and help from the people we entrusted with taking care of our levee system is something completely else.

    As for this whole American thing, they treat Iraqis better than New Orleanians.

  15. Ghost Rider

    You can rebuke Bush all you want but that won’t get the job done. Instead of focusing on how to slam people we should focus on how to rebuild our city. We have soooooooo many problems like insurance and local politics that we need to focus on reforming our own backyard and simply getting the job done. All I can say is that when Rockey traveled to the White House with his trailer in tow, all of America was watching that story. The story of a man who refused to give up and a man who represented many hardworking people down here who want to rebuild. Even though many people want to focus on the fact that Rockey told Bush “4 more years”, which was said in jest, his real message was “don’t forget us, the job is not done.” We need more people like Rockey who want to get off their ass and get the job done and not just complain. I think people will be surprised when the documentary film of Rockey’s journey to the White House is released. It’s the only story about Katrina that will put a smile on your face and a story that will give the hardworking American hope that even the little guy can do it. God bless America!!!

  16. mark c

    Jim and Friends,

    Some reading material.

    Army Corps Of Engineers: ‘We’ve Had A Catastrophic Failure’

    Levee funds sent to Iraq

  17. Ghost Rider: sorry, but Rockey’s story was a . Don’t forget, Rockey ran for political office in Da Parish as a republican, and is a huge contributor. “The little guy” can meet the Resident if the little guy blindly toes the party line.

    And what a cheap way to plug your propaganda.

    We all want to get the job done, and pretty much anybody left in South Louisiana at this point is “getting of their ass”.

    God bless South Louisiana.

  18. Ghost Rider

    Dear Ashley,

    Thanks for responding to my comment. Even though I’m sure you are a hard-working Louisianian you don’t have all the facts right concerning Rockey’s mission to the White House. You see, I was on that mission along with a group of others and I have to tell you that you have been mislead if you think the journey had anything to do with the GOP. In fact, the GOP did not want anyone to show up at the White House towing the “FEMA” trailer and did everything they could to discourage us. I was there the entire time and I can tell you that Rockey had no idea the President would meet with him until 8pm the night before. The White House called my cell phone several times before that telling me that we were waisting our time making the trip. The media jumped on the story because Rockey is the “little guy” who lost it all and simply wanted to get the message “don’t forget us” to the President who, like it or not, is the leader of the free world. Rockey nor anyone else in the caravan had any political agenda and that is the truth. I hope that before you or anyone else jumps to conclusions you get all the facts straight. I, like you, love Louisiana but the fact is that we have this reputation that many of us have our hands out and are still complaining. I don’t believe that is the case for most of us but it’s unfortunate that perception is reality to most people. In fact, people who believe that Rockey is a huge GOP supporter and that his journey was set up by the GOP proves that perception can lead to a false sense of reality.

  19. sally g

    i know rockey personally. if he got something, anything from the gop,
    i would like to know where it is. the sob owes me $100. truth is this,
    the little man created enough buzz to get to the big man. bush told
    rockey and he said it again today. $110 BILLION was given to the gulf coast, ask blanco and her husband where the money is. she has it. by the
    way, a bit noticiable she was not in attendance today. she doesn’t have
    the nerve to face the prez or any fed official, she f’n with the $$$, she will get caught with her hand in the cookie jar, its just a matter of time. its amazing to me you want to jump up and blame the feds when your gov
    has the $$. ask her where it is.

  20. Carmen

    Meet the Residents? People, this Jim and GR nonsense is a common political deflection tactic to evoke emotionalism to negate the 9/11 “My Pet Goat” remainders… which we witnessed from afar and near in the days after Katrina. Aid was turned away at the city borders. There are plenty of reasons to “blame Bush”, or the federal government. Nevertheless, our local governments need the federal capital, so we don’t push those reminders.

    But in the face of gnatlike assaults, don’t get angry, don’t get dismayed. It means your blogs are reaching bigger circles. Consider it a compliment, and keep on truckin’.

  21. Carmen

    Oh, and part of the reason Mississippi is farther along is 1) the roads weren’t all blockaded by federal forces for weeks and 2) residents were allowed to return to their property sooner. There’s nowhere else I’ve found where people were kept from the cities they lived in as long as we were here. I guess it’s why W. once again referred to us today as “this part of the world”, as he was giving his speech.

  22. The President needs to lift the Stafford Act as was done for Floridians after Andrew. That would relieve the already overwhelmed local governments from having to match funds and free up the federal funds appropriated but stuck, unspendable because of the inability of local governments to come up with their matching funds. That one simple act would remove one of the logjams holding up the recovery money.

    And, guys, I don’t know what y’all are talking about New Orleanians “just” complaining. From what I can tell they’re the ones actually rebuilding the city, with very little help or support from outside. Geeez.

  23. All of the bickering about who’s to blame for New Orleans predicament won’t rebuild New Orleans. Ultimately, the rest of the nation needs to pull it’s head out of the sand (Jim) and face reality.

    New Orleans has throughout its history exported to the rest of the world material and cultural goods far in excess of what it’s been compensated. If ignorant, immoral bottom-feeders like Jim can’t recognize, moreover, that this is a world-class *American* city, and we are *Americans*, then we may have no choice but to truly make it for ourselves and secede.

    We’ll do fine when we own and sell all of the oil we extract off of our coast, when we tax all of the farm produce and iron ore traveling down the Mississippi, when we start charging royalties for every time Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World,” or any other music influenced by jazz and blues plays.

    New Orleans is here because it needs to be here. The federal government recognized that need by funding the construction of a levee system. That the levee system failed was the result of a federal institutional disaster. That bureaucratic morass needs to be fixed before anyone in the nation can expect to rely upon it’s infrastructure. In the end, that levee system needs to be rebuilt and improved, and more importantly, the shredded coastal wetlands need to be restored.

    There’s more to worry about in the coming century if the rest of the nation doesn’t pull it’s head out of the sand. When the Greenland ice sheet melts, Manhattan, and every other coastal city, including Destin, will be under water. Jim, this is your warning. Now you know. So what are you going to do about it. Or are we going to sarcastically and callously blame the victim for not knowing the threat existed when your house ends up under the Gulf.

    No one ever gets by in life merely by their bootstraps. Move to a nation like Chad if you want to see what that leads to. We are a nation which (should) realize that we are stronger when we work together, when we help each other to achieve our common goals, and when we help our brethren in need.

    Did you have the same reaction to the 9/11 attacks? Did you say they should have known that terrorists might attack skyscrapers, so they’re on their own?

    Grow up Jim.

  24. C-Nola

    Ummmm….Jim, have you actually been to Mississippi? My sister and her family are busting their asses, and have been for 18 months because nothing is happening at the state level. CDBG funds given to Mississippi have yet to make it into homeowners hands at any decent rate and those folks that didn’t flood don’t have a chance in hell of getting a cent. Keep in mind that their program was initiated months before the LA Road Home Program.

    I think that we New Orleanians are attempting to rebuild our lives on our own simply because we’ve been told by everyone else to fuck off. Neighborhoods are pulling together in a way unseen before the storm and on an individual level there is more patience and understanding. Maybe you could learn something from us rather than being a jackass…it’s really not helpful.

  25. Fuck Rocky, fuck the Corp., fuck Mississippi.

    Just go outside and yell Fuck Bush at the top of your lungs, especially if you can get within ear shot of him….it’s good for you.

    Exercising the 1st amendment is just like any other exercise program…it’s a lot of wasted time but it sure makes you feel better.

    Oh yeah….fuck you too, Jim.

  26. Ghost Rider


    Nice job…that’s a great way to solve our problems. Maybe if you do something constructive you may feel even better than you do after cursing everyone else. Good to know you can spell 4 letter words. We’re all impressed!

  27. Come on guys, the levees have been in place for how long? 6 years? That seems to be the consensus in these comments.

    “Ummmm….Jim, have you actually been to Mississippi?” I was just in Biloxi a month ago. Still a lot of work todo but they are not looking back and working hard at rebuilding. If New Orleans is not this far along, blame your local politicians, not the federal government.

    “If ignorant, immoral bottom-feeders like Jim can’t recognize, moreover, that this is a world-class American city, and we are Americans, then we may have no choice but to truly make it for ourselves and secede. ”

    I don’t want Louisiana to secede. I love NO. sheesh. I just want the residents there to recognize where they live, the risks involved in that choice, and I think they should stop expecting the federal government to somehow wave a magic wand over the city to fix it. Louisiana has major resources – the delta, oil drilling, tourism. Use that and fix your city. Tell the federal government you don’t need their help. Step up! I think NO simply stopped worrying about “what if”. Guess what, you got your wake up call. Get to work.

  28. Jim,

    We are at work, very hard at work here in New Orleans. The magnitude of the reconstruction tasks is unbelievable (veteran of Betsy here and Camille on the Coast).

    Wanna raise your house more? Stand in line for a good contractor, unless you are going to let Beavis and Butthead use levers to do it for you. Need to finish after the gutting? Try to coordinate all of the contractors and work your job… it wears one down. Try and organize the schedules of the contractors when they say “8 to 12 weeks Ma’am”.

    We weren’t in the Flood Zone. Our wind damage was paid to us fairly and quickly. That’s pretty much fixed, but the Flood? That was damage that we were not prepared for based on assurances from the Corps. This is costing greatly, and outside of the SBA, no other forms of reparations have been seen in this household. (Oh! and the scheduling of contractors screw that one up too.)

    Folks here are doing all they can, and hearing the rantings of a windbag such as yourself just pisses me off. This old lady says just one thing to you: “STFU”.

    ‘Nuff said.

  29. Sir….you couldn’t fathom the extent of my constructs. Therefore, you shall be subject to my destructs.

  30. Carmen

    I’ll take Zombie over Ghost for 500, Alex.

  31. Jim, thtas like saying not to hold a murderer accountable for his crime. The levees were federal. The levees failed at a point far below what had been told to the residents. (wind speeds at NOLA were clocked at Cat 2, the Cat 5 force was the center of the storm which hit MS). Massive loss of life an property ensued. Gee fucking whiz, where is that responsibility lie?

    I’m glad you “love New Orleans,” now why not do a little research into the actual facts of the matter? How many cities behind the 122 levees DECLARED BY THE CORPS to be dangerously inadequate need to die before people like you put fact and common sense ahead of political ideology?

    I’m sorry, but your responses are ill founded and lacking actual research. Google is an easy tool to use and all this info is publically available.

  32. Karretz

    I have something to say to those of you who get on this blog and many others to say “Quit whining, New Orleans!” The only way to know if complaining is going on is by going to the blogs about NOLA.

    New Orleans is woefully undercovered in the media. I grew up in New Orleans and I would be starved for news about my city if I tried to get it from national media outlets. People like me are going to local sources, including some great blogs. I guess you folk who are so very concerned about whining are going to the same blogs, where you are not concerned with information, just with blaming the citizens of NOLA for anything and everything.

    So, those of you with the “Quit whining, I’m only on this site to tell you it’s you’re own damn fault” attitudes, GET A LIFE!

  33. Usually I am a lot more tactful, but tonight I am fed up with the morons who feel the need to spout their bullshit in my general direction. It is both for people like Karretz and these ignorant fucks that I continue to write about what is going on here.

    Gee its all whining. Tell that to the troops who were in Walter Reed hospital after fighting in Iraq. The troops whose rooms were filled with the same black mold that inundated our city after the flood waters receded. The troops who endured these conditions in a government hospital administered by IPA, the same company that could not manage to get water or supplies into New Orleans after the storm.

    I am now officialy going to stop being polite for the evening. To wit:

    Fuck You you clueless dipshits. Come spend two weeks here and see if you are still singing that same off key tune you worthless pieces of genetic detritus! Yes Jim, Ghost Rider, and other clueless nimrods, I am speaking to you.

  34. Hi My name is lori and i’m writing out of fortworth texas and i’m worried about the people and this world today i’m 24 years old and i’ve survived katrina without the government with my strength from god so we didn’t need the government even though they failed us but it should be against the law to insult such good people i was born in raise in that city and bush will have to answer to god for those children who was spared .the lynch mobs seems like bush relatives is it just he hate black people r is he incomptence to know he was responsible the terroist was responsible for 911 and bush was for katrina he was warned 7 days of how severe this storm would be he ignored it and now he will pay i ‘ve already paid i don’t sleep or eat thinking about dead bodies so people who think we begged could kiss my you know what god ids first and would have the last say so because innocent people ages of o months-99 years old its unfair for people who leave message saying people begging or whining god said your tongue is a powerful thing maybe god will show yall what is like to be an survivor writing out of fortworth texas katrina came and left it started after katrina ended by the way it took days for recovery


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