Rebuke Bush: Still The Proper Stance

Mar 2, 2007 by

Well, I went to the protest against Bush along with Jac and D from Defend New Orleans. We met up with still and video cameras at an intersection just off Napoleon and Freret. Dissenters, as is usual Bush policy, were kept a good two blocks from the site.

Now there is a good side and a bad side to the efforts this afternoon. The bad side was the protest itself. I have seen high school classrooms with more people in them. There were a few people from the neighborhood, a smattering of random folks, a handful of media, several Common Ground kids, and a boatload of cops. The rain couldn’t decide if it wanted to attend or not.


There was a megaphone going around (yes, adrastos, I took a turn, you missed out), and there were a couple of old ladies going to town with it. Unfortunately a number of the kids got ahold of it as well. For the most part they engaged in taunting the police and saying “fuck,” repeatedly at top volume and in varying permutations. All in all not a lot was accomplished there, which is hardly unusual for protests.The good side of all this is the incredible spreading of the meme. The prior posting was picked up, thanks to Scout Prime at First Draft, by an incredible array of sites throughout the blogosphere. I can hear search engines ratcheting upwards even now. “New Orleans Rebukes George Bush,” is a meme that is spreading far and wide. I am quite happy with that.

I am also happy to see the amount of discussion this has generated. From Schroeder’s eloquent and constructive approach to some of the pro-Bush comments suddenly turning up in the original post’s comments (quite a dialogue going on there still, feel free to join in). I know to many this is a moot argument, polarizing at best and violently stupid at worst. I just cannot let the issue go.

There are 122 levees scattered across the US that the Corps has declared unsafe. After the past eighteen months I have come to feel that no one should have to go through what we have. No one. I don’t care if it is some bonehead who rails against us and is oblivious to the facts or not. The only way to prevent this is bring accountability back into the equation at the governmental level. The only way to do that is propogation of information and opening of dialogue.

Disclosure: I have run across a few that belive me to be the author. I am not. As far as I know I posted it first but it was a press release that was circulating through many local e-lists. Author unknown. Hat tip to Editor B. for sending it my way.

EDIT: pictures are here


  1. Attaboy to everyone who showed up. As far as I’m concerned there is practically no limit to the number of times the word “fuck” should be used on such an occasion.

  2. Such demonstrations can serve multiple purposes. Getting the president’s attention is not one of them, obviously, since protesters aren’t even allowed within earshot of the man. However, a demonstration like this could serve to 1) help the protesters feel a sense of solidarity with one another and a catharsis in speaking out, and 2) get a message out to the media. Looks like this was more 1 than 2.

  3. Media, no. Blogosphere, yes. It has spread to the Democratic Daily, Salon, and many other higher tier blogs. The fact that I am tracing commentary on it that is appearing on hardline rigthwing blogs is, to me, a sign that we have created a stir on the net.

    I’ll take anything I can get as far as this topic goes.

    Jeffrey: the word “fuck,” is appropriate to the topic. Unfortunately when that is all that is being said there is no message other than “I am an an ignorant fool with no idea how to express myself.” Another thing is that a lot of it was “fuck the police.” If you are going to protest you should stay on topic and not get divided amongst yourselves. Message dilution, I am sure Dubya would be pleased by it.

  4. Oh I agree with that. But I think the words, FUCK YOU MR BUSH, should serve as kind of a guiding spiritual mantra to such gatherings. Whatever wording you choose to carry this message… this should clearly be the message.

    Also, you seem to have stirred up quite the entertaining shitstorm indeed. Congrats.

  5. Sorry that I couldn’t make it. I am now, however, competent enough to text message you whilst you’re rebuking Beavis.

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