Makes Me Glad There Is No Medical Treatment In NOLA

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What the fliping hell is up with Modern Medicine all of a sudden? Former HumidCity writer BiFemmeFatale points out this assinine ruling coming out of the “progressive,” state of Oregon:

If a doctor sedates a patient then touches her inappropriately without her knowing, does the patient have a right to learn about it later? A Multnomah County judge has apparently decided that she does not.

Legal experts say Circuit Judge Ronald Cinniger, in a ruling involving a grand jury witness, carved out a broad new way to keep information secret in a criminal case.

“He has created a privilege, based on the very peculiar circumstances of this case, that doesn’t exist in the law,” says Randall Vogt, a Portland criminal defense lawyer.

Douglas Beloof, a professor at Lewis & Clark Law School and executive director of the National Crime Victim Law Institute, called Cinniger’s decision a noble but misguided effort to protect possible crime victims.

“He is foreclosing the possibility of victims obtaining information that may be important to their physical health, and he is foreclosing any possibility that these victims could be compensated for the harm that was done them,” Beloof said. “He has created an entire class of patients of this doctor who may wonder forever if they were one of the people victimized by him.”

Then, as if that were not enough, we have the much touted fiasco of Walter Reed hospital. Now I for one am not surprised by this after all, the private company that was put in charge (IPA) was the same one that could not get water into New Orleans after Katrina. Is it any wonder that we should see the same situations there as in the Crescent City? Check out this quote from NBC, if it were not for the reference to soldiers it could well be a house in Gentilly, Lakeview or the Lower 9th Ward being described:

“It was unforgivable for anybody to live — it wasn’t fit for anybody to live in a room like that. I know most soldiers have — you’ve just come out of recovery, you have weaker immune systems. The black mold can do damage to people. Holes in the walls. I wouldn’t live there, even if I had to. It wasn’t fit for anybody,” Army Spc. Jeremy Duncan told the panel.

I guess I should be glad that I have no option if I get sick. The people with health care seem to be faring far worse.

You know, it is stuff like this that has made me reduce the frequency of my postings. I am just to damn disgusted to write most of the time.

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