Rest In Peace

Mar 10, 2007 by

For me there is only one news item of note right now:

One of my siamese cats, Kallisti, was hit by a car sometime last night and died.

I rescued her and her sister eight years ago when they were seven month old kittens on their way to the pound. Since then she has mad many adventures for a young cat. She escaped with us and the other four felines during Katrina and the Tennesse, Indiana, New York odyssey of our subsequent exile. She made headlines on the BBC and got her picture in the Rivertown Enterprise newspaper as a four legged refugee.

Since returning she has been an indoor/outdoor cat. Our only one. High strung and cowardly under normal circumstances, after the Storm she just stopped using the litter box. We tried everything: medications, discipline, rewards, etc. The only thing that worked was allowing her outside.

She loved being outside, and was an incredibly happy and affectionate child. Outside has taken my daughter from me, and I will miss her terribly.

I'm in a box!Kallisti Williams
Beloved Daughter, Rest In Peace

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