Moving Water Industries: More on the Garziano Memo

Mar 15, 2007 by

Right now I am busier than MWI trying to cover its behind so this will be short.

The latest dangerous and deceitful actions by the Corps of Engineers continue to put the lives of New Orleans residents at risk. This cannot be tolerated! MWI, the politically connected company who installed these faulty pumps has already begun their attempt at damage control on the issue (See Spoko’s Brain for their lawyer’s response and in depth analysis) Lo and behold, they have associations with Jeb Bush! Sorry Jeb, the only Bush we tolerate here anymore is Reggie. You have your brother George W. to thank for that! As to J. David Eller (MWI‘s owner and Jeb’s former business partner), your political cntributions will not shield you from the truth.

We cannot allow the hard facts presented to be spun for the media. Adherance to cold, hard facts is paramount to our continued existence. I strongly encourage all the bloggers out there to jump on this, and also to be prepard for the backlash. According to the original memo 50% have experienced catastrophic failure. That is straight from a memo whose authenticity has been verified by the Corps of Engineers!

Write your congressmen, senators and media. Make some noise, hold them accountable, and do not act like the invertebrates of the Democratic Party (show some backbone)! This is not partisan, it is life or death!

Fix The Pumps, it is requred reading. Facts are what we need and Matt McBride is providing them.

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