Funky T and Joe: WWOZ Pledge Drive

Mar 22, 2007 by

Slip sliding away on a wave of funky goodness, Funky T is slapping some Rocky Charles platters on to get people in a giving frame of mind.

Funky T and Joe Pimpin the OZ!!

Now I’m sure you’ve already heard a lot about the different membership levels if you’ve been tuning in, that is just the icing on the cake. The real benefit is the ability to tune in New Orleans music from anywhere. Thanks to the internet you can pull up a live stream anytime and from anywhere. For the wife and I it was our lifeline while we were in exile.

Thursday after the storm we were a long way from home, stuck in NY, and suddenly the music returned. Just hearing the sounds of the Crescent City again did wonders for our state of mind. For the next 5 1/2 weeks it was part of the glue that held my own sanity together. The New Orleans sound gets in your blood, it is intoxicating and addicting. It is essential for the care and feeding of New Orleanians everywhere in the diaspora and at home. It is a divine elixir for the ears, and WWOZ is the only institution that can provide it.

Show some love, Defend New Orleans Music, join WWOZ!

  • “Peace, Love, and Soul!” – Funky T
  • “You didn’t get my good side!” -Joe
  • “Defend The Humid City! Support ‘OZ!” -Loki

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