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There are SO many things going on in the city right now: numerous news articles in the local and national media about NOLA residents arming themselves agaisnt crime, Bush crony companies (MWI) providing faulty pumps; the Corps of Engineers engaging in its usual inept shenaigans, etc. So why in the midst of this am I focusing on the WWOZ pledge drive?

It is precisely because it has nothing to do with politics. As Jelly Roll Justice put it, “I can turn to any other station in town for the politics of the situation. Sometimes I do. WWOZ is a haven, here it is about the music. There are no politics and no religion here, just beautiful sounds.” The sounds of New Orleans. After 19 months of nothing but fury and vitriol it feels good to be focussed on something that is purely positive.

I have always been a proponent of the idea that music can bridge all gaps between people, that it is a common ground where everyone can relate to each other through their mutual appreciation of the groove. I have always been a crusader for local music for that exact reason.


Despite the plethora of things to bitch about, despite the idotic decisions by the various powers that be, despite the approach of hurricane season and the state of the levees right now the priority it WWOZ, the Guardians of The Groove. I am returning to my roots until next Wed., then we will return you to your regularly scheduled muck raking!

So pledge now, help support the sound of our city!

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