Hairy Mountain of New Orleans

Mar 31, 2007 by

Well the WWOZ Pledge Drive was a rousing success, listeners around the world stepped up to the plate and really amazed us. Now the promised return to news, muck raking, and sociopolitical ranting must be slightly delayed (yet again). You see tomorrow evening is Geek Diner III, and the daytime will be the begining of our move to a new apartment.

Instead here is a little post to show that the WWOZ experience has really gotten me into a Silver Machine frame of mind. As of now there will be a lot more content about the local music scene as well as other creative endeavors in the Crescent City.


Tonight Hairy Mountain played at The Circle Bar. For those interested in the pedigre of this Post Katrina rio here are a few pointers: Brooke Lamb (vocals, bass, lap steel, and clogging) is an original member of both Black Mountain and Blackula. DC Harold (vocals, bass) is known for his nadsat adventures with Clockwork Elvis. Steve Thomas (vocals, drums) is famous for many things, most of them unprintable. He is the proprietor of More Fun Comics on Oak St and a staunch supporter of the scene.

The Circle Bar gig was quite fun, in a muddy Melvins jam with Black Sabbath in Appalachia fashion. The pics are here. If you like your music murky and passionate check these cats out!

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