FEMA- How Many Times Must I Write About These Idiots

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Its like shooting fish in a barrel to take another shot at these guys but sometimes you just have to do it. So lets see, the second Hurricane Season Post Katrina looms and we will be safe this time, right?

WASHINGTON (AP) — FEMA says its new national response plan won’t be ready in time for the June first start of the hurricane season.

Oh. Maybe they just have their hands full in the wake of the Nor’easter that ripped through NY.

“There is no question that these counties need aid right away to begin the recovery from the storms,” Schumer said in a statement. “As the scope of this disaster widens, we need a swift response from FEMA and I will hold FEMA’s feet to the fire to ensure any and all aid flows quickly.” – Sen. Schumer, NY

Hey Schumer, don’t hold your breath! Still, it will be interesting to see how much assistance actually makes it to Westchester County. I hope they do better by them than they did by us. No one deserves treatment like we received and Westchester County was where the wife and I spent our exile after the Storm. If any of our friends in Dobbs Ferry are reading please leave a comment and let us know you are alright!

Hmm… Maybe they have been too busy ensuring that people in the Katrina Zone are fed to get around to it.

WASHINGTON — The Federal Emergency Management Agency Friday more than doubled its estimate of the number of prepared meals lost during the 2006 hurricane season because of storage problems to 13.4 million, up from the 6 million it reported earlier.

Guess not. Puzzling, eh? This year already looks like a doozy, and the Federal Employees Missing Again are looking like they will have a hell of a lot of things to answer for by its end. If, that is, anyone ever holds them or the Corps accountable.

We are four months shy of the two year mark. Almost two years since the failure of the levees that we were told were safe. Almost two years since FEMA was doing a “heckuva job.” Makes you wonder about those trailers just over the MS border, the ones still unused. Makes you wonder a lot of things.

It will be interesting to watch the next few weeks. Either FEMA will step up and take care of the wealthy upper east coast communities the way it should have handled its commitments here OR they will foul up egregiously again and our countrymen elsewhere will get a dose of the joy we have been experiencing here in NOLA. The interesting thing will be seeing what the politicians and mainstream media have to say (spin) about it….

The joy is only starting, after all the Corps of Engineers has classified 122 levees nationwide as at risk.

How many times must we see this rerun?

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