Rising From The Murk

May 23, 2007 by

It was an email from Ohio that made me realize just how much this blog has been neglected for the past few weeks. The subject line, “You’re Fired,” made me sit up and take notice. Things here have been spinning wildly, and I do apologize for not providing my usual daily portion of drivel for those of you who read this.

Part of it has been the extraordinary amount of chaos and strangeness going on with my family. From missing persons reports to hospitalizations its been a thrill. The other part of it has been that I just cannot decide what to write about. So much has occurred since my Jazz Fest contract.

Should I write about Jerry Falwell? About how respect for the dead should be like respect for the living, earned. It pains me to say this of anyone, but the world will be far better off without him.

Should I write about the fact that Hurricane Season looms in about a week? I’m sure I could squeeze out quite a few familiar sounding paragraphs about fear, unease, and rising water.

Should I write about how much I will miss Alvin Batiste? The world of jazz has taken a serious blow. He will be missed.

Non functioning pumps, La Nina, The Road Home……

Too much material for little old me. I’m just going to start off by saying, “I’m back!” Stay tuned.

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