Faulty Pump Worries? MWI Shop Inspection Reports Provide Documentation

Jun 4, 2007 by

Courtesy of the man who ade the AP finally take notice of the state of the pumps:
Dear New Orleanians & others concerned about our city,
At Thursday’s press conference with new Corps commander General Van Antwerp, it was announced that the Corps’ internal investigation into problems with the floodgate pumps would be released some time this week.
In advance of that, I thought people should see some of the raw documents upon which that investigation is undoubtedly based. Therefore, I’ve posted every Shop Inspection Report generated by the Corps during their time inside MWI‘s facilities in Florida (at least, I think it’s every one – I can’t be absolutely sure the Corps didn’t hold back something).
I received these documents through a FOIA request, so they have names redacted. However, all the other information, including never-before-seen color photos of the testing and construction of the pumps, is intact. There are 34 reports in total, 24 of which are previously unreleased.
I have posted the documents at my blog, http://fixthepumps.blogspot.com. They make for fascinating reading. I encourage anyone who’s interested in drainage or pumping in this city to take a look.


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