ICF: The Lawsuit

Jun 12, 2007 by

ICF, International, the company which won the contract from the state to implement the Road Home program is being sued in the 19th Judicial District Court in Baton Rouge. The petitioners are requesting a class action. The lawsuit, which is being handled by members of the Couhig Partners lawfirm and Rob Couhig (a former member of the firm and candidate for Mayor of New Orleans in the last Mayoral election) names Don Massey as lead plaintiff. It alleges mismanagement, negligence and misrepresentation and requests injunctive relief and damages.

According to LA NewsLink:

The petition alleges that Massey has been subjected to negligence by ICF that includes lost records, repetitive assessments, delays, and obfuscations.

It further alleges that ICF has engaged in a pattern of delay, bad faith, and conduct designed to impede, delay, and deny the delivery of grants to applicants.

We can only hope. This will be one of those cases which demonstrate whether there is justice in the system or if it is just us in the system.

EDIT: I had listed Adams and Reese as the representing lawfirm in the original version of this post. That was incorrect. Communication with Don Massey has revealed that the Couhig Partners firm is his actual legal representation, and I have amended the text to reflect this. I apologize for the prior error.

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