Bike Stolen In Front of the National Guard

Jun 16, 2007 by

I am crossposting this for a fellow cyclist. I think it speaks well to the state of affairs here:

i figure the least i can do is ask around…i know it’s pretty useless, but here goes.

i borrowed my roommate’s bike to attend a social work conference and it was stolen in front of the Holiday Inn downtown. yup, right in front of the National Guard Post.  Oh, and directly across the street from City Hall. There were police parked along the street throughout the morning too.  Safe, i thought.  It had to be dismantled to be stolen (i.e. seat taken off and tire removed).  Actually, i’m not really sure how the heck they got it off the pole, but the kryptonite U-lock is all that was left.  I’m assuming someone noticed the person doing this…or maybe not. Today’s been fabulous, to say the least.

It was a gold-ish colored Trek with an NOPD tag below the seat. It was a smaller framed bike with gear shifts on the handles that twist. I don’t even recall much more about it.  But if you happen to be the person who took it or you see it/know who took it, i’ll give you 50 bucks to return it.  I don’t even wish physical harm to the rider, not much anyway. I just want the bike back.  Please! It’s my only transportation since my car flooded plus i’m going to have one really pissed off roommate.

I think more than any other emotion, I’m feeling a little annoyed that it happened in such an obvious location with many uniformed people hanging around. anyway, thanks for reading. happy biking.

If you have any info please leave a comment on the original post here.

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