Mea Culpa

Jul 20, 2007 by

Alrighty then…

It has been a bit since I have been able to post much due to a massive over inflation of my schedule (read: work, lots of it!). I do want to take a few moments and thank reader Barnzey who has left me several comments recently.

It seems that in my prior posting about David Vitter I spread some misinformation, which I would now like to put right. I did go to De La Salle High School with one of the Vitters, and I could swear the first name was David, but it was actually Paul. I would ike to herewith retract comments made in my posts about the character of David Vitter as based on personal experience, I was remembering a sibling of his.

That said, my comments and posts about his public behaviour and his political posturing remain unaltered. Recent news has borne out my assertions of hypocracy and idiocy on his part better than anything I have written. He is, quite simply, still an utter ass and has no place in public office.

I would also like to encourage fact checking readers out there to continue to assist me by leaving comments and sources whenever they see me accidentally dispense misinformation. I will never take such comments at face value, for anyone can make an assertion with or without factual basis, but I will follow up and recent if that is required to maintain the standard of honesty I require.

Thanks Barnzey!

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