Ebb and Flow: The Population Variance

Jul 31, 2007 by

The population numbers here in NOLA are something that gets a lot of play in the media and a lot of mindshare amongst the residents. Who is leaving? Who is returning? Who is moving here for the first time? Etc, ad nauseum.

While many are getting burned out and departing, as I myself almost was a few short weeks ago,  I see almost as many finally returning. This last weekend I helped to pack a U-Haul headed to NYC, but I also had a camper parked in front of my neighbor’s house containing a couple who has only now made it back. This organic tide will continue to ebb and flow, it always does. The severity is thrown into sharp relief by the media and the extra attention people pay to it in the aftermath of the Federal Flood.

What would be interesting would be if we could get reliable numbers (pipe dream, I know) on how many new residents there are thta have come here from elsewhere to participate in this new fangled version of the Old West that we live in.

Just an observation…

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