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Aug 26, 2007 by

in the most inane govermental scientific report to date, scientists now blame pigeons for the recent bridge collapse in Minnesota. WTF? WTFFF? well, it appears that the acidic content of pigeon excrement is strong enough to rust through the bolts that help hold the bridge together… AND this ubermensch-like poop caused or at least contributed to the bridge’s demise… IF ONLY the corps of engineers had thought of such a preposterous EXCUSE for the levee breachesin New Orleans.  Nutria droppings anyone? Pelican pooala mode? BTW i wonder if State Farm, Allstate, or Louisiana Citizens covers this. It could fall under wind or flood damage…

Just sounds like more bull stool to me… speaking of which, our fearless leader will be visiting on wednesday since he missed our anniversary last year.  Now can we REALLY talk about BS…BLOG THIS!

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  1. Level Head

    I’m puzzled why anyone would think that corrosion was an implausible cause of structural failure.

  2. all plausible indeed… BUT the probem isn’t the pigeons, their excrement, or the chemitsry of corrosion… the problem is the architects and engineers (and politicians dealing out contracts) who did not take those matters into consideration. FURTHERMORE adding moral insult to mortal injury (both in Minnesota and New Orleans are inspections that were either never done or never followed up upon …. FINALLY there are the attempts to shift the blame,,, plausible causes (like corrosion or chemistry) become wellspun excuses for people not doing their jobs…

    therein lies the rub

  3. Maybe the bridge choked on a pretzel?

  4. Exterminate Pigeons, let’s give them to michael Vick he’ll know what to do with them.

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