Ban The Buff

Sep 11, 2007 by

Grey blocks painted on every available surface, including street signs (which we have few of these days), is an unappealing sight. Not only is it grafitti, but it is ugly, Orwellian looking and unwelcome. The idea that rolling grey paint over any grafitti is an improvement is one lacking in taste as well as sense.

Such is the Legacy of Fred Radtke, also known to locals as the Grey Ghost. I don’t care how you try to rationalize it, he is doing exactly what he rails against: tagging. Anyone here seen street signs that have been painted over with a nice block of grey, rendering them unreadable? That is him.

I have been fed up with this nimrod for quite some time, and it seems that lately I am not the only one.

Comments are accruing on the New Orleans LiveJournal Community, and a new photo group on Flickr exists to document the ugliness he is creating by “cleaning up.” Rumor has it that he has some funding from the city. Any leads on that would be greatly appreciated.

(NOTE: My actual 9-11 post is forthcoming later this evening. Just had to get that off my chest – Loki)

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