Thursday is Time to “Bury the Dead”

Sep 11, 2007 by

As I think back to my days living in NYC back in ’99 and all the intervening ones (especially my return there on the run from the Federal Flood) I realize that tragedy surrounds us daily. Art is an antidote to daily life and the tragedies that have become so mundane and “matter of fact.” With that in mind it is my honor to share this:

Cripple Creek Theatre Co.September 11, 2007
When it opened on Broadway in 1936, the New York Times suggested Bury the Dead

“…ought to be boycotted by militarists, ammunition vendors and saber rattlers.” Regrettably, the subject is as relevant today as it was then.

In Baghdad 87 of every 100,000 residents will be become casualties of war in the coming year. In New Orleans, the numbers are more grim — 96 of every 100,000 will be murdered. And while there are 13,500 servicemen in Baghdad, only 300 are here in New Orleans.

The war has drained over 415 billion dollars from the public purse. For perspective, that’s enough one dollar bills — stacked in piles — to erect a wall a foot wide and ten feet high along our 350 miles of levees.

Join the dialogue — see “Bury the Dead” this weekend.

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Sept 13, 2007 through Oct 20, 2007

In the shadow of an advancing front, a burial detail conducts its duties as a chaplain prepares to pray over the dead. However, the sad rituals are interrupted as groans are heard from the newly dug graves and the fallen soldiers rise to their feet. Incensed at their plight, the men plead not to be buried in the saturated ground but instead ask to rejoin the living. As word of the insurrection spreads, the establishment seeks to suppress it.